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Fatima Hughes

Vanilla Smoulder 01 Parfum

Vanilla Smoulder 01 Parfum

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VANILLA SMOULDER 01 is our signature scent , originally called CAPTURE by Vava and came in a black bottle. 

It is the same scent, now in a new clear glass leak proof crimp style bottle neck with a new name and Made In Italy. 

VANILLA SMOULDER 01 is a scent made for those who want to feel beautiful and sexy down to the way they smell, everyday, no matter where they’re going or what they’re wearing. This is strong , sweet, spicy and smoky scent will last day into night smelling rich and sophisticated leaving a trail behind you with everyone wondering what you are wearing.  
Like most of our products, our parfum is formulated using natural and plant based ingredients that can vary from harvest to harvest and may appear different. 
We manufacture in small batches to ensure the highest quality and longevity of our products, and eliminate waste. Therefore, the packaging may differ in appearance also due to availability and our goal to constantly be better. 
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