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Fatima Hughes

MANE Restorative Hair Treatment Oil (2 sizes)

MANE Restorative Hair Treatment Oil (2 sizes)

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ALMOND OIL soften, strengthen, spf, biotin (B7)

APRICOT OIL seals moisture, hydration barrier, shine

SACHA INCHI OIL nourish, combats frizz, moisturize, growth

MARULA OIL restores follicles, boosts collagen, elasticity, prevents breakage

RICE BRAN OIL growth, antioxidant, hydrate, strength, shine

CASTOR OIL shine, strength, smooths, repair, regenerate

VITAMIN E OIL prevents hair loss, strength, fights inflammation

CHAMOMILE OIL repairs, non greasy, growth, antioxidant, elasticity

Unlike other oils that only focus on growth from the scalp, we also focus on improving the condition of the rest of the hair, preventing further damage and breakage with our 8 incredible oils rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and nutrients.  It is beautifully scented in our rich Vanilla Lime aromas, and infused with natural calendula petals, creating a spa like experience.

Leaves no residue. 

Our products are formulated with natural ingredients and essential oils where available. This may alter the appearance from batch to batch.  
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