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Madame Phoenix

Love is the Law Magic Spell Bubble Bath

Love is the Law Magic Spell Bubble Bath

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Return your energy to a centred, loving, balanced, heart-focussed and healthy emotional state; love is the law is a spiritual maxim that reminds us that the powerful flow of love in the universe is an unstoppable force when combined with your focussed magical will.

Soak in this delightful bath to heal emotional wounds, increase self love, and create an aura of loving energy around you that evokes and attracts the same in others!

Made from a carefully chosen blend of essential oils and natural scents, resins, herbs and more that all resonate with the appropriate energy.

Made with pure oils in a rich, luxurious, super bubbly bath, formulated to leave your skin feeling soft and your spirit renewed.

Biodegradable and vegan.

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