Sacred Smoke Conjure Candle for Cleansing

Sacred Smoke Conjure Candle for Cleansing

Designer: Black Dahlia Boutiques


Sacred Smoke Cleansing Conjure Candle is designed to cleanse your space of harmful entities and spirits. As one of our top sellers to Paranormal groups and mediums this candle has a proven track record for cleansing all negative energies with our proprietary blend of Frankincense, White Sage, Black Salt, Dragons Blood, and a few other herbs and oils.

Ingredients: Soy Coconut Wax Blend, Coconut Oil, Vybar, Fragrance, Decorations.   

Instructions: Remove all decorative bits including herbs and glitter on top before burning. Burn until melted all the way to the edges first time and do not burn more than 4 hours after unless casting an all-in-one spell. Be sure use the included guide on reading how your spell is progressing. you can snuff it out, refocus, and recast if it is not working as you wish. Remember these are just tools; The power is within you so be creative in manifesting your dreams!  


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